= an urban orchard + jar obsession


 Our friend designed the lighting for this urban orchad project.
It was a temporary community garden that was part of the London Architecture Week.
There were so many cool little details, we liked the jar shelf, in the 2nd picture. Another idea how to use jars. The lids were screwed to the self bottoms,
such a cool storage idea. I would love to have that in the kitchen for herbs & other stuff.
I wrote about Daves love for jars on my blog, just last week.
I have a secret theory about man that like jars...it speaks for these guys, that's all I can say ; )

He now plans to build a jar chandalier like the one here.

Aprospros holiday:
I will get my dogfix soon,
because we will dogsit Boston Terrier CHAD in August while his owner and our loved neighbour lady & friend is on holiday: YAY!!!!!

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  1. hmm .. So envious of you guys. Life sounds so perfect in your posts.
    Waiting for the post where you will tell us about you secret theory ;)

  2. Oh gosh you lovelies on the other side of London, you have all the fun.

  3. I love what can be done with jars too.
    My Aunty has a collection of old jars she found. I used to love staring at it when I was a child.
    My friend had a home made chandelier made out of jars at her wedding. It was beautiful!


Thank you for your comment! You are a star!