The Weekend Off Grid



Unplugging completely, catching up on much needed sleep in front of a crackling fireplace and to spent some time with each other away from the hustle and bustle was the idea.
Safe to say: We nailed it!

We stayed in the most magical little off grit cabin in the blue mountains, collecting firewood, learning how to make a good fire and keep it going, showering outdoors in the woods, and cooking warming meals, that powerful gas oven made the best vegetable roasts.
The highlights were that I was able to read a whole book and got the chance for plenty of naps. And the part I was scared about the most turned out to be the very best:
The outdoor shower! Nothing compares. Standing in the cold but sunny forrest, having hot water running over you, while watching birds. Our bathroom at home feels so boring now.
The place was simple and well designed. All the old and collected items made it very homey.
And the view was stunning. We played cards and we played Jenga. We drank prosecco and nibbled on cheese. It was the best getaway ever.

I always enjoy browsing through Leura, the beautiful little town full of cute shops and delicious cafes. Our favourites are Leura Garage (coffee & any food is delicious, David loves their pizza), and The Red Door (my favourite: chestnut&rosemary slice & really good coffee !)although we also discovered a very special place that was puppy friendly and had possibly the best breakfast we had in our lives: Lily's Pad Cafe.
Highly recommended!

We loved the time up there so much that we started to talk about creating our own little cabin somewhere. We even browsed a book on the worlds coolest sheds, and the idea of having this little escape is very intriguing. For now, I am sure we will happily return to this hut, whenever we get the chance. We left a little sad, as we could have easily stayed a few days longer, but full of new ideas and energy. Dalston had an absolute blast, as he was with us the whole time and had so much attention and playtime, he was also very good in helping to collect the twigs for the fire.

About Life & Nourishing and food shopping



Our neighborhood had just gotten even better!
You probably know already that I love healthy fresh food and since leaving NYC I have always missed the fantastic & gigantic Wholefoods on East Houston Street, if you have ever been, you will know what I am talking about. Well all my wishes have been heard and we just got a beautiful BIG About Life wholefoods supermarket complete with buffet, cafe and all.
The light is beautiful and it smells sooo good, I could spend a whole day in there.
We discovered it completely by surprise the other night, while heading out to our usual grocery store.
I was so happy and couldn't stop smiling walking through the isles, stocking up on delicious healthy treats.Dave had to document on his phone, as we didn't bring our camera with us.
The next morning, we grabbed Dalston and ordered coffee and take away breakfast at the Cafe and had a Winter breakfast picnic in the Park. So much fun.
As a professional makeup artist in Sydney it's not always easy to eat healthy and fresh food, as there is usually catering provided on photo shoots and the options can be small at times, so I try and have breakfast and dinner at home whenever I can.
Now home cooking is so much more fun too, with being able to get everything just around the corner.
I have even been baking this week, possily for the first time since landing in Australia.
Lately it's been about food over here, while Winter really arrived and the nights are cold calling for nourishing yummy hot food, teas, soups and baked goodness.
Little Dalston is a happy chap as ususal and of course only gets the freshest organic food too :)
He still hasn't had a hair cut and his hair has just grown super long for now, we will see how much longer we can bare the long intense brushing sessions before we will give in and see a groomer.

What's new with you?

Dining Days & High Tables



Besides being out and about every free minute I also went dining at The High Table at the Hotel Centennial the other day, which was another wonderful event created by the lovely Nat from Eat Read Love. Not only was the interior absolutely amazing and the food delicious, the absolute highlight was to catch up with so many fabulous, creative and talented people.
I came home glowing and full of new inspirations.
And then we also had a romantic dinner out just the 2 of us, locally at Fish Face, it was possibly the best sea food we have ever had.
Photographs from the event by the talented Nadean Richards from Photography By Nadean 
 Styling: Lisa Madigan Host : Natalie Hayllar (eat read love)

While I love my work dearly it's important to remember to take time to recharge.
It might seem on our little blog as we are hanging out a lot but truth to be told I have maximum 1 day a week of at the moment and I might actually be a bit of a workaholic.

I lately had a blast at work, for the Hello May Editorial in Issue Five, since this video is good fun, I made an exception to the rule and share some work with you here. Check out the rad behind the scenes video below! It was a truly wonderful team.

Pedal to the Metal // Hello May // Behind the Scenes from Light Noise Films on Vimeo.

Creative direction:
Hair & Make-up:

Dalston In The City & Sunny Doggie Days



Photos from Dalston by dear friend & pet photographer Julianna @ Two Guineapigs!
Dalston has grown into a fabulous little man, walking on the leash nicely at most times, and being just a joy to have around. He absolutely loves people and wants to say Hi to every single stranger on the street to turn him into a friend. I still feel so lucky to have a dog in my life. We have been waiting for this for such a long time and there is truly nothing better on a stressful work intense day then a little pooch asking for attention and reminding me to take a break ever so often.
On Sunday after going for a morning run, we all went out for a yummy Breakfast together in at The Book Kitchen in Surry Hills, and afterwords wondered around town checking out little shops and just enjoying the sunshine. I was beyond impressed with how well behaved Dalston was, he just seemed to be so happy to be out and about in the City, sniffing around new areas.

The sun has been out a lot lately, and Autumn has never felt better, it's almost Summer at some days and then there are cozy crisp nights on others.
Check out Dalstons smile below! (All pics below as usual our own & iPhone)

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