= launching new blushless styles > pancakes x sleeping in big time


Blushless 2011 Transformation collection has just been launched.
The look-book and video are done and there is still a lot of work in updating the website and preparing
a lot of things, before the designing for the next collection will start pretty soon already.

We had a fun celebration night out and now it's Sunday and for now we need a little recovery time.
We had a massive pancake breakfast and a goood long sleep.
Catching up with friends and family (via phone and skype) and I am  feeling relaxed already.

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  1. gorgeous photos. GORGEOUS DRESS! skype is a life saver.

  2. Well aren't you just a rockstar!?

  3. Loved the finished clip and photos, and is great to see some 'behind the scenes' action!
    You are all so talented and clever!


Thank you for your comment! You are a star!