busy buzzing season is here


Bye bye Summer, see you next year! I can't wait.
London is back to busy buzzing, Summer is definitely long gone.
I have a feeling the next months are going to be crazy.
Dave will have to go on several business trips and I got many exciting make up projects and photo shoots coming up.
I am really looking forward to this, somehow I always work so much more in Fall/Winter.
Alhough we have both been working seven days, I am grateful we fitted in a lovely evening with friends in the pub in and went to our brand-new local cinema on Sunday night. And here is to another week of madness...
Are you feeling busier this time of year as well?

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  1. very much so, very busy. and actually, i kind of like it! thomas is having a lot of cooking jobs, there is an opening for me on saturday and we are launching our first line of lampshades in a couple of weeks. so, lets jump on that train and enjoy the flow!

  2. I don't feel like I am busier during winter actually. I avoid going out in the bitter cold as much as possible! I'm weak ;)
    But I'm excited to read about your make up projects! So glad I found your blog :)
    And you are gorgeous, Liv!

  3. You make yourself more busier to escape the cold ;)

  4. the door is simply beauuuutiful!


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