Happy Birthday Brunch to me!


It was my birthday this week.
Happy 28 years old. I am so excited about this year.
We went for delicious dinner at Yum Yum and David got me a beautiful Journal to write down all my thoughts and ideas, dreams and goals.
On Saturday I invited with all our friends at The Happy Kitchen and we had amazing pancake brunch and good coffee.
Thanks to everyone who joined, for all the nice birthday wishes and all the beautiful gifts.
It was an amazing day.

P.S: Thanks to the girls at The Happy Kitchen for my birthday muffin and the good service.

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  1. looks like a lovely day! we're getting old!!

  2. happy belated birthday from berlin! the pictures look stunning, so are you. this is going to be an extra exciting year; filled with adventures. the wonderful type ones! hey, are you coming in february? it would be so nicew to meet for a cup of coffee, some wine or a nice dinner. lots of love.

  3. @mina: Yep!

    @Annton Beate Schmidt: We are indeed! Will be there from the 9th to the 12th of February: Exciting! Let's meet up.

  4. happy birthday to you! looks like a great time was had by all.

    p.s. did you get my email re: sydney suburbs?


  5. @Gaby: I did! Thank you so much. So exciting.

  6. happy birthday pretty lady !!!

  7. aw, happy belated birthday. looks like it was an enjoyable one!


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