The British Museum and waiting for Spring


Today I really needed some extra hugs.
Dave did a great job in cheering me up with yummy food, coffee and a good back massage and extra hugs, so that I feel recharged for the week.
At the beginning of this week still sparkling and full of motivation, I somehow felt just exhausted and rugged by this Sunday.
It's been busy and cold and very rainy too.
Please Spring, come back soon! We need some solar power.
Two people have inspired me this week and deserve a special mention here:
My friend Josie, who just gave birth to her beautiful little baby girl Amelie.
And Dave's  little sister who is such a  talented dancer and won an amazing dance competition.
Well done, Rebecca we are so proud!

We went to the British Museum for some inspiration.
The building is so stunning and I loved the Ancient Egyptian exhibition, they did some amazing jewellery and even make up . We saw the real mummies too, which was a little spooky but interesting.
And finally the sun came out for a little while too, so we could enjoy a muffin and coffee outdoors.

Now I am already excited and recharged for tomorrows upcoming beauty photo shoot. I love being a Make Up Artist though it is a very competitive job,
especially in London. It does take some time to make a good name for yourself and keeping your portfolio up to date.
But it's all worth it. Our Credo of the week "Keep up and you will be kept up!"

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  1. These photos are STUNNING. And your outfit is absolutely adorable. I LOVE that red blazer.
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. I'm so happy that it led me to yours! I love your blog design. It's simple and beautiful. I can't wait to follow along!
    So nice to meet you :)

  2. Looks fun, friend! I'm glad that a little museum visit (and your sweet Dave) left you feeling recharged. If it's worth anything, I believe in you!

  3. Oh boy I feel you! I just wrote a post about the funk I am in :( BUt on the bright side, you are rockin that outfit! Love the blazer xx


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