Panini & Pancakes + Holiday Planning


 It's always a real treat, that one weekend we are  having off together each month.
Due to my job, I am working most weekends, I have learned to appreciate free weekends even more.
This one started already wonderful with our flatmates making a fabulous pancake breakfast on Saturday morning.
An authentic Italian lunch afterwards served by Piero at Angel Delicatessen outdoors, felt almost like being away.
And then we got really excited spending quite some hours planning our summer holiday for July.  (Can't wait!) Followed by candlelight dinner at home and watching a good movie in bed.
What a day! I will post more about our Sunday soon.
 This week I have also been invited by Lena from Musings to write a guest post for her beautiful blog here. As well as been interviewed by Elie for Punctuation Mark her inspiring blog about design and photography here.
Thank you so much Ladies, for these great features.

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  1. AMAAAAAAAAAZING. Your life is crazy.

  2. Captured your great weekend with beautiful photos! I love the first shot.

  3. okay, your life is like a dream! adore these images!!!
    xo TJ

  4. that's a wonderful weekend! my job doesn't know weekend. and most of the time, i can call any day as weekend.

    thank you for stopping by my blog. and don't hesitate to contact me if you visit indonesia. maybe i can be your guide :)

  5. scarf, jumpsuit, pancakes...nailed them all.

  6. Love the lipstick post you wrote and of course your jumpsuit!

    Looks like a perfect weekend, mine would look the same :)

    <3 Mandy

  7. Hey Liv : ) I found you through Lena's blog (where I also did a guest post) and I immediately fell in love with you as soon as I saw the words "bright lipstick"! I love that you encourage women to wear lipstick confidently. Most days that's all I wear and it usually makes me feel so much better about myself. I mean, there's a shade out there for everybody!

    Besides that...I'm so glad pancakes happened in your life. Me and the boyfriend make them at least twice a week. All varieties. Always awesome.

    You're the coolest.

    My Billie

  8. Hi Liv, thanks for reading and commenting! You seem like you guys love your food, so you should DEFINITELY visit the Wld Cafe if you're ever in Bath! I literally have to restrain myself from going in there EVERY DAY!

  9. oh yum. i can never get enough pancakes . . . we work a lot on weekends too, and i must say it makes a saturday off even more enjoyable!

  10. Working on most weekends must be so tough! I suppose I take mine for granted. What great pictures too x

  11. Love this, friend! So happy that you had such a wonderful weekend. And thanks again for such a fabulous post. You're awesome:)

  12. Perfect! Beautiful photos. You look like a pretty fun couple ;)


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