Summer rolls + Summer Salads & some summer running


We are counting the days to our Croatia holiday ( 6 more to go!)
The preparations have started with eating light and fresh food, going for regular runs,
ordering swimsuits and straw hats and just being overall excited.
I am quite addicted to amazing summer salads right now and keep trying mixing new dressings and things.
Friday was very special since I met my friends beautiful little baby girl Amelie for the first time.
Oh these big eyes... It was a very nice afternoon, of catching up with her mum Josie over coffee & cake.
This summer in London has been pretty rubbish so far and I am so looking forward to getting some sun.
Tonight Dave surprised me with a Asian dinner, including delicious veggie dumplings and summer rolls. We haven't made them in so long.
Summer rolls feel like a special dish because we made them on our first date, and also on the day we moved in together and started this little blog.
And I am just as excited to wake up next to this man every day- moving in together feels like yesterday and yet we have already done so much together.

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  1. Beautiful pics!

  2. Beautiful pictures. Those foods makes me hungry. =)

  3. I'm more of a spring rolls fan (well, also spring in general, haha). Salads are perfect for summer!

  4. Thanks so much for taking our survey!!!

    We want your spring rolls and dumplings. You have great pictures! The salad looks yummy too!!

  5. All of these foods look delicious. That little bb is so adorable. Her eyes are beautiful and curious! So jealous you're going on vacation so soon!

  6. That food looks so refreshing and yummy and sweet baby too :)

  7. Oh I have heard Croatia is wonderfully amazing! Really happy for you guys:)

    such endearing pictures, really enjoyed them...

  8. HOW positively exciting :) :) My bf and I are travelling Europe this year too, and have 28 days to wait until we set off (Croatia is on our map). We are trying to do the same with light eatng before we go, and I actually just got back in the door from a run :) Happy packing!! I am taking lots of plains to mix it up with bold accessories.

    ANna xo

  9. I love how food can bring back some memories :) everything looks delicious!

  10. love your blog! stoked to have found it!

  11. I've attempted to make spring rolls and they all fall apart! Haha! Thanks for your sweet words last week!

  12. @ Anna: Oh that's so exciting! I bet you will have the best time. Happy packing! xx

  13. So sweet you guys made summer rolls on your first date! I haven't made them for i feel like one


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