catching up, designs & pancakes


Dave is back and catching up never felt so good:
Pancakes, hugs and hanging out.
I felt super efficient and kept myself very busy while he wa away.
By the end of the week, I ended up having a twitching right eye, a sore stomach and a few other stress symptoms:
I just have a tendency to not stop working, if I don't get stopped.
And although I got a lot done, it feels much better to have a healthy balance back.
Of course, it's the only long-term way of staying productive as well.
To catch up properly we had a wonderful day off together, starting with a good lie in, pancake breakfast and loads of chatting and cuddle time.
In the afternoon we were productive again, getting my new business cards done
(so excited, can't wait to see the printed result).
Dave created a wonderful new logo, and we adjusted it together.
We had a nice walk to the printers, chose paper and foil and colours.
Right now we are in the process of updating my new Sydney makeup artist website.
It feels so good to prepare everything. And having little breaks too ;)
One more week at work, then packing, waving goodbye to my family and off we are...

Because we are going to be super busy moving to the other side of the world,
we scheduled some awesome bloggers who will share their guest-posts about Sydney and Australia.
So excited to feature them.
We are going to fill you in with little updates from us as well but need a little more breathing time for the move. We will catch you soon.

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  1. Exciting! Love your new logo. And will get you the post asap. I have today off so hopefully will get it done x

    1. Yay! I am looking forward to it. Enjoy your day.

  2. love that turquoise door! and now I want pancakes..gosh!

  3. So exciting that the big move is coming so soon! I can't wait to meet some new Aussie bloggers while your getting settled in. Then I can't wait to follow as you explore Australia for yourselves!! :)

  4. Love the new logo. Nice work Dave.

  5. "that by the end of the weed" what cute little mistyping, saying so much. everything will work out great and syndey is going to be a wonderful adventure.
    sending you dragon wings, lots of laughter and energy. enjoy every little bit of it! p.s. cannot for wait for the business cards too!

  6. sounds like you guys are busy busy busy! i love the new logo, looks great.


  7. Liv, I love the logo, and I'm so glad you're getting to catch up with your love. I agree that not having your partner in crime with you all the time can lead to some destructive habits. I'm kind of the same way about work.

  8. so exciting for you guys! the logo looks great, and your pancake breakfast looks incredible! yummm!

  9. The food looks delicious!!

  10. can't wait to see your new business cards - just found your blog and fell in love :) off to stalk your make up website now :P
    newest follower -

  11. I can only imagine everything you're doing for the move... Good luck my dear!!!!

  12. wow!! sydney australia? thats amazing. and what a BIG move! i wish you the best of luck with everything.

    andrea brionne

  13. Well right now you're probably still got another couple of hours on the plane (its yucky flight, isn't it?) but I hope everything with the plane trip over here goes smoothly and that you settle in well! And just in time for it to get nice and warm :) I look forward to the first of your Sydney posts! Oh, and your logo is amazing! Love! x

  14. Those pancakes are causing some major mouth-lusting!


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