Ferry Rides and Rock Pools: Summer is here!


Things that make us really happy right now:

The smell of Eucalyptus Trees
Fresh smoothies
Rock pools, I just love that word
Eating (Mexican) outdoors
That Ferries are part of public transport here
Great coffee with banana bread
The cold clear ocean water on the skin
Christmas decoration in palm trees
Cold drinks at our favourite bar: Arcadia Liquors in Redfern.
Warm summer nights
Receiving parcels from London: Dave got quite some awesome farewell gifts from his work sent here: Thanks so much!!!
Going for a swim after work
Collecting interior ideas for our new place
Taking a ferry anywhere
The smell of summer rain after a storm

We have done so much in so little time it feels like we have been here way longer than just four weeks. Summer is here! We had a heatwave over the weekend, and the nights are very nice and warm now. We took a ferry up to northern Sydney and had a swim at Shelly beach, the most beautiful little place. I am so grateful to call this city our home.
It's only two more weeks until we are moving into our new place, we can't wait and are constantly collecting ideas to make the new apartment homey.

The only challenge for me his how to get into Christmas mood!?
This will be my first Christmas in Summer, fun and weird at the same time.

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  1. oh boy saturday nearly killed me! so relieved it's cooler again x

  2. Looks lovely. Beautiful photographs.

  3. There's something amazing about a warm Christmas. Enjoy discovering it!

  4. and it makes me happy to see you guys smile so much. christmas in summer is easy to do, when you let go. it's the spirit, not the temperatures, but you probably know that anyways. and cinnamon stars are as great in the sun, as in the snow!

  5. Oh, your photos make me wish it was warm here! I think if I was celebrating Christmas in the summer I would get some fake snow - snow always makes me think of the Holidays.

  6. Yay, hope those two weeks go by quickly so you can move all in! And love your outfit, girl!
    xo TJ

  7. aw, lookslike fun! i love your beachy look :)

  8. Pictures are amazing ! you're so cute


  9. Great photos,liv! And christmas in summer seems fun!

  10. I'm kinda jealous of your summer-Christmas! Instead, here I'm enjoying the cold, windy and (sometimes) freeze weather!
    Your blog is such a great discovery!


    1. I think it's exciting to celebrate Christmas in such a different setting too.
      It just took me a few weeks to get my head around it. Now I am super excited.
      But you enjoy Christmas and all the wonderful traditions in Winter, it will be great! x

  11. Eucalyptus trees!!! That must be why Koala's are in Aussie land, because they eat that, cute:)

    Can't believe you are experiencing warm water and hot sun, and we just got over a foot of snow!

    xo so happy you are enjoying your new home liv..

    1. Yeah the Eucalyptus trees have the most amazing smell, in the heat.
      Subtle but very fresh.

  12. Summer in Sydney looks gorgeous! Luckily the last days in Melbourne have been great as well, summer is on its way! Great shots! Happy to see that you are settling in really well!
    Kristina x


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