Valentines Sunflowers, Yoga Dates + A New Car


The lasts weeks have been eventful.
So eventful, that we got a tiny little bit our of balance, trying to manage so much at the same time.
Sometimes you have to be patient with yourself.
But it breaks my heart not being able to update our little blog in time.
Moving, adjusting and working full time in new jobs takes more time and energy then we have expected.
The lovely Gaby from This Little Port gave us a pass for a Yoga class in a studio where she is teaching, and we got hooked. It's the most wonderful thing after a long day off work, just to switch off for that little time and to exercise, breath and to get back in touch with your body.
For Valentines day Dave got me a big bunch of Sunflowers, we went to Yoga and for dinner after.
What a wonderful little miracle break that was.

Besides the overwhelming response job wise, I enjoy every single day of my work and feel
driven to get better everyday in everything I do.
One night we watched "Jiro Dreams Of Sushi", such an inspiring movie I highly recommend it to anyone.

We still need to learn how to manage our new schedule here in Sydney, but I know that time will
be our main helper, it takes a little time to adjust to a completely new city in a completely new continent at the other end of the world and it will get easier from here, right?
Great news is: We got a little car! Finally! As with my freelance work I have to drag super heavy
suitcases with me containing my professional makeup kit, I was exhausted carrying it up and down stairs in public transport, especially in this heat after loooong days of work.
On the upside I was able to take the ferry to work the other day, which was a real treat,
sitting in the sun, seeing the beautiful skyline, eating fruit salad on the way to my bride.
Every day I am still amazed we are having a beach behind our house (on the photo above)
I just need a couple of driving lessons with Dave, as I am not used to driving on the left side of the road as well as the huge roads with many lanes here in Sydney.
Phew, wish me luck!

We squeezed a wonderful sunny Sunday afternoon with family to celebrate Dave's Dads birthday, seeing our little nephew growing soooo fast and strong and enjoying some BBQ and carrot cake.
 Now we are looking forward to the Easter Weekend: We will plan a little trip and just relax.
Sydney, we still love you! You are much faster then we expected, things are moving at light speed.
We are still adjusting, one step at a time.

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  1. P.S:
    Thanks you guys, for hanging in there and being patient with us, while there is a slight delay in our updates! I am doing my best and this little place is very important to us! Love Liv xo

  2. so glad about the yoga :) i just facebooked you about an event this weekend, hope you can come. xx

    1. Had a shoot and a bride on Sunday! But thank you so much for the invite.
      Hopefully next time. xx

  3. So awesome that you're going to Gaby's studio now. Jealous!

    1. Yes, it really transformed our work schedules.
      Yoga is magic.

  4. amazing photos. you;re so beautiful. and the baby is sooo cute!

    1. Thank you! I know he's such a little cutie!

  5. That first picture with the beach and the clouds is amazing! And I am happy to hear that you settle in your new life so well! I am also trying to get back into yoga, need to find a nice studio close to my house though...
    And I hear you about driving on the left... isnt it just weird? :)
    Kristina x

    1. Yes the driving is weird. But I am getting there.
      I have to learn quick as I depend on the car for my freelance makeup work.
      It's fun though, I am loving it already.

  6. Great pics. You completely have me craving Japanese food now. So glad to hear you enjoyed Jiro Dreams Of Sushi – it's on my list of films to watch!

    1. Watch it! It's so inspiring.
      I love Japanese food too.

  7. I also find yoga perfect after a long day off work. Or any time really. And I can't wait to watch Jiro Dreams Of Sushi, the trailer looks amazing!

  8. it is so you and I love it

  9. Having a new car is always a good news! You no longer have to drag your stuff in a public transportation. This is what you call convenience. Congrats, Liv! And good luck with your freelance work!


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