Little Roadtrips x Mini Getaways


Is it really mid March already?
The weather is better than ever no sign of Autumn at all!
Time flies and I feel like getting carried away with it.
We hit the pause button for half a day last Sunday: Although we are tired, we got up super early,
took a thermos and some snack and went for a mini road trip up the coast to The Entrance.
We were almost the only people on the beach and it has never felt better to just lie down and relax for a couple of hours. We are playing with our new fun camera, having a lovely breakfast and were soaking in the sunlight. Recharging. A little. For more exciting work over the next weeks.
It seems like there are some fantastic opportunities coming up for me and I am crossing my fingers,
while preparing and working as much towards it as I possibly can.
I want more of these little road trips and am super excited about our little Easter getaway that we are planning right now. Soon we will have that well deserved break! Jervis Bay here we come!


  1. So lovely! What camera did you take these shots with? x

    1. Our new one, it's a Pentax! In yellow. We usually always used my old Canon 350D, but are liking the new one so far.

  2. Ah... Your photos always make me wish I were 'there'!!
    So beautiful.

  3. maybe this is weird--but you have beautiful skin! it glows :) i'm jealous haha. i wear makeup every day and feel like my complexion looks oddly ashy/dull without it...maybe if i gave my skin some time off....
    looks like a lovely roadtrip! happy week to you :)


    1. That's so nice! As makeup artist, I am quite conscious about my skin and have had a lot of breakouts lately! I do eat very healthy, drink loads of water and take generally good care of it.
      I do wear makeup daily though as well! Sometimes just a tinted moisturizer, which gives more of a radiant finish. I like the NARS ones a lot.
      So nice to hear that you think it glows! xx

    2. Hi Kristyn, I have actually started a little Get The Glow Series inspired by your comment! Read the first part here:

      Hope you will enjoy it! xx

  4. Awesome pictures! And what gorgeous scenery!!

  5. Looks awesome! I love going on roadtrips especially in the warmer months. Enjoy your time in Jervis Bay, make sure you visit Hyams beach it's really pretty.

    1. We were staying at Hyams Beach! Absolutely amazing! x

  6. oh the 1st picture magic light! =) road tripping is such a lovely way to relax

  7. I am in love with the Southern Hemisphere and your beautiful pictures always proof why that is. xxx Annton

  8. Just letting you know that I'm currently hosting a new Fitskin giveaway, open to Australian residents only and I hope you will enter!

    Happy Easter! x

  9. beautiful shots, what a gorgeous place!

  10. You guys are quite possible the cutest couple ever. I love all of these photos, and you always look so happy together.


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