The National Park, Gangster Birds and Lakes


What a weekend!

The wonderful breakfasts and long walks through the national parks, the naps and snuggle times and just simply the fact that we had hardly any reception on our mobiles, it all added to the total perfection of the trip.
We saw Wallabies with their young, plenty of bright colourful parrots and the biggest ants. The whole forest was filled with the thick & sweet smell of honey and you could hear the busy bees buzzing. While picnicing in the midst of this incredible wildlife one cheeky kookaburra bird came down and stole a whole vegetarian sausage directly of my plate, right in front of me!
Be aware, if you ever picnic in a national park. You might have to share your food...
Back on the road we discovered a big lake just in time for sunset, the light was wonderful and we watched little fish flipping and splashing. The only downside of this little getaway: It was too short. Way too short. Jervis Bay, we will be back, for sure!

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  1. ooh, your trip makes me dream. wonderful light and atmosphere you have caught. all those pictures are like promises. the one of you & dave though, is gains extra points. beautiful!

  2. Looks like a lovely place indeed! Funny story about the stolen sausage.

  3. I love national parks. <3 And you are so right about sharing your food, too! Last summer, my husband and I were hiking in Yosemite, and when lunch time came around... so did the birds + deer. Oh, I loved it! There is just something so special + inspiring about nature... don't you agree?

    I love your photos. Especially the two of you guys. So lovely! <3

  4. Gorgeous photos lovely!

    Not been to a National Park in AGES!



  5. Not just beautiful but also very romantic!!!

  6. I'm speechless, your trip looks unbelievable beautiful and peaceful. Wonderful weekend indeed.

  7. That looks really gorgeous! I love that you got to meet the native animals. Kookaburras can be very cheeky!!!

  8. Such beautiful pictures! I love that one of the two of you. x


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