Antique Shopping + A Winter Wedding in the Country


This was my first trip to the Southern Highlands, a gorgeous country region 1.5 h drive from Sydney.
As I had a wedding in Bowral very early on Saturday morning Dave decided to bring the camera and join me on the trip, so that we were able to spent the day out there together.
This guy is full of great ideas! And such a good photographer too.
Can you tell how knackered I am from getting up at 4am that morning and just having done 4 makeups and hair for a wedding? It was great fun, the bride was just the loveliest and I love my job so much, but I can see it in my face how exhausted I was afterwards.
I was very very crisp and cold out there, I didn't even know Australia can get that cold.
At the same time I was very exited being able to wear my coat and boots.
Dressing for Autumn is so much fun.
The venue, Milton House, was so beautiful everything looked like in a fairy tale, I think I will be back to check out their spa.
Dave snapped some great pics that day of all the wonderful colourful Autumn trees.
We had a tasty, slightly too big lunch and we bought an amazing antique couch table.
Now we just need to wait for our couch to arrive...
Bowral seems like THE most amazing place for furniture and antique shopping that I have come across, ever! Who would have thought. If you ever go, make sure to have some extra room in your car. You can thank me later ; )
The Sunday we spent with some running, which we really needed and strolling around in our neighborhood. Uhm...why oh why are the Australian food portions so big? We are expanding and in need of a fitness regime!
Other news of the last week:
I have been writing for the fab White Magazine blog, a feature on "How To Get The Glow", check it out and follow up the next parts too if you like!
I have also had some bridal editorial work published in their latest print Issue 20, as well as a feature about my must have makeup products: Happy Happy Days!
I am incredibly grateful for this great collaboration. Happy change of season you all!

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  1. Liv! This is my territory! :) I went to school in Bowral and my parents and in laws don't live far from there. I got married in the Highlands (at the Peppers - but the one at Sutton Forrest, not Bowral).
    I'm loving seeing your updates on Facebook and loved the photo from this wedding you posted.
    So glad that your time over here is going well x

  2. I love your work! stunning photos! looks like a magical place :)
    hope you have a great weekend

    1. Thank you!Have a great start of the week!

  3. one can spot the 4 a.m., but in a very beautiful and content way. everytime I'll stop by your blog, you make me smile and happy, seeing how good things are working out, when we go where our heart tells us. go on and fly!

    1. Aw! That's such a sweet comment! Thank you.

  4. your hair is to die for! loving the poodle too :3

    1. Thanks! The poodle is funny right? He looks so proud.

  5. Looks like a gorgeous place to visit! I'd love to do some antiquing in those adorable buildings, there'd have to be treasures to find.

  6. Bowral is so beautiful, especially this time of the year. Ooo, I must check out Milton House too!

  7. Seems like a lovely spot to check out! I'd cherish to do several antiquing in individuals lovable buildings, there'd must be pieces to discover.

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Thank you for your comment! You are a star!