Cauliflower pizza and the appreciation of it all


I got quite some catching up to do. The last weeks were a bit of a roller coaster ride with the constant house hunt, my busiest month yet and trying to find the balance and strength.
We had fun times and explored new neighborhoods while house hunting.
As usual we spent time together with nice breakfasts and good coffees.
And we made some delicious food at home too.
The best thing was the cauliflower pizza, where we made pizza dough from cauliflower.

Not only did it work out but omg it was delicous. Check out the recipe which we found here.

I had a terrible flu with fever and didn't get the chance to stay in bed, as I am self employed, nothing would get done, and so I worked through it.
There have been days lately where all I could think of was holidays and getting a puppy, but I think after the flu is gone I feel emotionally and physically back on track.
Trying to not be sulky but brave instead and finding new energy daily.
It's nearly been a year for us here in Sydney and I have always found when moving to new places the first year is an exciting one but also usually the toughest at the same time.
I think this is very much true for us.
I am so grateful for everything we have achieved in this year and we had so many amazing moments.
This little blog really makes it easy to remember the good times, when I am browsing through our posts over the last year.
There is so much that I love about Sydney,  yet there are things we are missing about our life in London. We are still adjusting and settling in I guess.

Life is good over here. And hot too, as we had the hottest Spring on record. We picked up our fitness again, running together in the mornings, and right now that's just what I need, that extra discipline that makes me a better person.
And we keep looking for a new place....

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  1. oh, so good to see you up again. you're looking great. fighting one of these viruses myself and holy canneloni, it gets to me. watching you adjusting down under is such an inspiration for me. thank you for that. wishing you a wonderful week! xx

    1. Aw, thank you for your lovely words. Virus is over and I couldn't be happier...almost everyone around here had it. x

  2. I've been hanging to try Suzy Spoon's Vegetarian Butcher for weeks – and that looks delicious!

    Hang in there with the heat. Lots of swims and twice-daily ice-creams should do the trick!!


    1. l love the heat! Except the fires and so many people loosing their homes...
      That vegetarian butcher is amazing! Def try it! x


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