Eating in and out + Running again x Our 1 year review


Has it really been a year?
I guess so, when I think of how much we done, seen and achieved in only a year here, I can only sum it up as having been amazing.
Only very recently we got into a routine that makes us feel somewhat at home.
With morning runs, making nice dinners at home and feeling a little more settled work wise.
It feels good. I feel things are getting balanced and while the first year in a new place is always super exciting it's also especially challenging.
I am so happy and grateful about how well my business went over here in my first year.
I have met so many great people and have worked with inspiring people.
The weather, the food the beach...and on top of that I am super amazed by the beautiful nature here. And I am sure that time will make our life down here only better and better.
We are excited for our 2nd year here in Sydney,  are now looking to finally add a puppy to our family.
I did a little happy dance today as I got so many good news and I am just so excited to welcome a dog into our lives. It's one of these days were I want to just hug everyone I come across. You know?

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  1. congratulations on your first (not quite true for dave, or?) sydney year. you've done so well and I am convinced, it is all about attitude and the love for the things that you do. then, when we will follow our hearts, things will fall into places. xo

  2. gorgeous photos! love all the flowers!
    one year already!!??? glad to hear you are doing great!


Thank you for your comment! You are a star!