First days at home x Loving Dalston


Dalston is home. And he is totally awesome!

He wanted to come with us straight away when he picked him up, he loved the car ride home and was peeking out of the window the whole time.
At home he wasn't shy for a minute and simply loved his cozy crate&bed and all his toys.
He slept really well too, no whining or anything and he woke us up when he needed to go potty.
Yep, so I don't get that much sleep these days but it's well worth it and we haven't had any accidents either. I mean, that's really something for a 8 week old puppy.

On his second day home he already knows his name, comes when called and sits.
He is a little genius. Can you tell I am totally in love? One proud mommy, I guess....
So my social media of course turned into a puppy spam already and I enjoy every minute of hanging out with this little guy.
I am really proud of David too, who did a big deal of reading up on puppy education and he is doing amazing.
Dalston also responds to both of us, which is wonderful.
And he is very adventurous and likes meeting & greeting all sorts of people of all ages and dogs.
No noise or anything has managed to scare him yet, he's just being one happy chap!
Fingers crossed he will keep this attitude.
I thought I just post a little update, all pictures are iphone only snaps, but we will be back with some "real" photos soon.

We love him to bits!

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  1. oh yes, please, puppy spam us. I couldn't think of anything better!

    1. Phew I am glad you like puppy spam! It's hard to control my excitement as young puppy Mum.

  2. Aw he is the sweetest looking pup! x

  3. cannot wait to meet him tomorrow!

    1. Can't wait to catch up and see you and Clementine! xo

  4. Replies
    1. Looking forward to meeting your little one and meeting up soon. x

  5. What a sweetie pie! I just love his little face. My heart melts :-)


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