The beginning of something new


Sneak Peek Wedding Photo by Jo Bartholomew (we will show you more asap!)


We are back! And we are married!
We never intended to leave. Our story continues.
We love this little blog of ours and spend a lot of time lately looking back at all the great memories and photos we have collected in this space. It's been 6 years since we started our blog, right after we started our relationship. It really has been with us from the start.
Getting married isn't the end of our story it is the beginning of many many new ones.
The last year was one packed with work for both of us and also filled to the brim with wedding planning. You see, we got ourselves wrapped up in a DIY wedding and had plenty of projects to do. Somewhere along the way we fell off the wagon and stopped documenting.
You know what? A wedding is a lot of work. Some of it is great fun, other things just need to be done. 
But who's complaining? It was the greatest journey ever, we have learned a lot along the way.
Being married is the best thing, every time I call Dave my husband it gives me butterflies and a deep sense of gratitude. 

Leaving this little blog for quite a few months didn't feel right.
I realized how much I missed it.
And for those who followed along our journey: We are sorry we have left you waiting.
Please forgive us, we are back! And we have plenty to catch up on and to fill in.
We decided it's time for a fresh start and to celebrate with a new blog design!
There are many exciting changes.
We are in the process of moving our blog, with a new design and larger photos.
We are excited. We are working hard over here to have it ready really really soon.
Thank you all for being part of the journey we love you! And are beyond grateful that you are here.
Please don't forget to check back: The shiny new site will be up in no time!


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