= Chihuahua viewing in Zone 5


Just too cute! 

After a lot of research Liv managed to find a new born Chihuahua girl. The owners were located in Zone 5 so on a thursday afternoon we set out to have a viewing.
We were a little worried at first as neither of us really travel out of Zone 2 so Zone 5 seems a bit of a getto, but actually we were quite surprised. The owners were really nice and they were actually quite a few dogs running around as they were Chihuahua breeders.

I could not believe how tiny and delicate she was!
Liv absolutely adored her as you can see.
She was a short coat but could grow to a medium one.
She will probably be a light brown but the mum in the last photo is actually quite ginger. 

There was also an 8 week old puppy that was running around trying to get our attention.
Her was just adorable as her strolled up happily to give us a the leaf he had in his mouth.

Sadly we are not going to get her.
She was a little out of our budget at the moment so we decided its best to wait unitl Spring next year to get a dog. In that time we are going to get everything prepared.
Liv also bought me a book so that I can read up on everything one needs to know about Chihuahuas!

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  1. ohhh my god how cute is that little tiny pup?! you'll find one that's perfect for you guys.

  2. Oh my god! She looks so adoreble. So sad that you guys can't take her with. Good luck for your future dog search.

  3. ooh my goodness. They look impossibly tiny.
    We were hanging out to get a dog too.. but sadly waiting for a more practical time.


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