= A new dog bed!


As you might have guessed, we have decided to get a dog!!!
We dont know exactly when but in preparation for the momentous occasion we spent the day making our own dog bed.

I'm actually really happy Liv has the skills and talent to do these things because the're not cheap.
In addition, can you believe that she had spare wadded fabric that she got from work just lying around the house. The white pillow fabric was also a spare piece from work but on a different project, and they match perfectly!

I think it turned out pretty damn good.
I guess some things are just meant to be :)

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  1. You are one handy lady to have around!

    So cute for an undoubtedly cute little one!

  2. lucky dog! it turned out really well - super cute.

  3. I am so excited! I am so happy I got Paddy any ideas of what type you are going to get?

  4. Liv was thinking of a chihuchua, but she also suggested a pug.
    I think they both are great but after seeing some little chihuahuas we both fell in love.
    Just too cute!


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