= Sunday : Cleaningday!


OK, this might look rediculously set up, and the first two images are obviously posed, but it was Liv's cleaning week and this is what she actually wore! A 50's check house dress with new bright yellow gloves. Shes a bit mental I think but absolutely hilarious. If she had her heels on that would have simply topped it off!
Its almost like every part of her life is naturally styled. Its a real pleasure to just watch her.

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  1. Its not that I like cleaning at all!
    Just to get things straight, but for peace in the house and with the other flatmates we are sticking to a schedule.
    Uhm, and I am not mental.
    I didn't even know Dave was sneakily taking picutures from our room upstairs. And when I discovered him , I started to pull faces.
    Just so you know.
    Happy Cleaning everyone! And enjoy your Sunday!


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