= Saris, Coke and a romantic bollywood love story


Its 9am on a Sunday somewhere in zone 5 and we are walking like zombies through what could only be described as an industrial area looking for the reception to Hensa's engagement party. And were we in for a show!Through the sea of flamboyant outfits with vibrant colors stood 3 east londoners dressed in black and white. To say the least, we were the odd one's out here.With the front area decked out with photography equipment, and the back area lined up with plastic meal trays and coca-cola, we really felt like we were on the set for a new bollywood romance film set in India. As for Hensa, well she just looked amazing! Just check out the detail work on her hands and nails! In the end, we had lots of fun and although we would have done things a little differently it is always great to see family members all getting together for a great occasion.

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