Kew Gardens AGAIN


We took a lot of pictures so here it is: Kew Gardens Part II
I realized how good it feels to see some green and getting some sun.
This summer has been very English so we hardly spent time outdoors.
Another reason we are talking more and more of moving to Sydney.
Nothing is officially planned just yet. And our friends fear already loosing us.
I know I want to stay at one place soon. As much fun exploring is with every move you leave a few friends behind and a lot of personal belongings as well.
You start from zero and a half with every move and I feel like building something.
I can't wait to have a garden one day.
But for now we are here, in London and I am happy.

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  1. that first photo of you is stunning. you look great!

  2. you make that jump suit look so chic.

    love it and the setting is beautiful!

  3. LOVE your jumpsuit. Beyond jealous.

  4. such pretty gardens. love it.
    and your jumpsuit is adorable. i wish i could pull that off.

  5. Ah, love your blog! It's full of so many stunning photos...those gardens are beautiful. You look gorgeous in that jumpsuit...I could never pull that look off. Thanks for your sweet comment:)

  6. That jumsuit was such a good find! It one of my favourite outfits she has. She found it at a second hand garage!! I think it was only a tener!


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