mexican food in chinatown + antique market


London lately:
We had amazing pancakes for breakfast at The Elk In The Woods in Islington.
I am still not used to English breakfast and prefer sweet over savory in the morning.
Afterwards we went to the antique market. There is way too much too good vintage jewelry out there.
I fall in love with the golden sparkly pieces every time.
The other night we went out to a drumming performance held at the Acne store in the city.

It was such a rare warm night that we kept walking through the streets of Soho afterwards and went for delicious Mexcian food for dinner.
Warm summary nights are the best! Thank you September, for being so mild and sunny this year.

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  1. Hi Liv! I love your photos and the whole look of your blog. Thanks for commenting on The Spring... it's so exciting that you're making the move to Australia... which city will you be setting up in?
    - Catherine

  2. We are planning to move to Sydney!
    So probably one more year in London...

  3. love this post. that second picture is just beautiful! love that you got mexican food in china town. thanks for the blog lovin' girl!
    xo TJ

  4. oooh i love me some good mexican food. look delicious. and i am all for the SAVORY breakfast. so we might disagree on that one. :)

  5. Lovely pics! Which vintage market did you go to?

    London Last Night

  6. @london loves: We went to the antique market at Camden Passage in Angel. We found great cutlery and kitchen stuff there the other day. It's great for that and jewelry not so much for fashion I think.

  7. I am a sucker for vintage markets too..
    Very exciting about your move to Sydney!

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