vintage race cars + window gardening


It's been a wonderful weekend. Summer is unexpectedly back to London, and we spent loads of time outdoors. I did a fun make-up job on Saturday and worked with the brilliant young fashion photographer Claire Huish, who already sent me a little preview of our work. I am looking forward to seeing the real pics.
We shot with an vintage Bugatti from the 1920's. The next day we saw so many special cars, it somehow became the theme of the weekend.
Sunday morning Dave made his famous pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast, we got our coffees at Cafe Oto and discovered an amazing garden centre in our hood.
A few pots and a bag of dirt later, we went for a big walk in the sunshine.
We can't wait to have our own garden one day, for now we did some window gardening and re-potted our plants.

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  1. beautiful photos, beautiful blog!
    found you thru "just us"


  2. all of these pictures are absolutely stunning! sounds like a fun weekend! i wish i could have my own garden but i have no green thumb whatsoever.
    xo TJ

  3. i love your outfit and those shots. her lips, her hair - perfect!

  4. Great photos!

    ♥ sécia

  5. @Mr. Taylor and his Lady : Haha, I know plants never used to last with me either, now I stick to the more robust ones, and really try to take better care. Dave usually remembers to water them.

  6. Love the gingham dress! And those photos are stunning! Excellent work!


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