Our Hood: Farm Shops + Roof Gardens


The pictures are all taken by David here in Dalston.
This has been warmest and sunniest week of the year and it is Dave's Birthday week. October and 29 degrees- incredible. (Birthday post to follow!)
Every free minute we spent outdoors, at the Dalston Rooftop Park, nearby Pubs or the Park.
I really like our hood, there is so much happening and constantly evolving here.
The Farm Shop, Cafe Oto, The Arcola Theatre, Dalston Eastern Curve Garden...
Every time we are walking down the high street we are discovering new independent businesses, like amazing hairdressers, little boutiques or restaurants.
It is so good to be here right now. And a big thank you!!!! - to all the people that work hard and creative to make this place so beautiful and our home.

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  1. Nice pics!


  2. that kids,quite lovely,These pics are adorable, so delightful to see, It reminds me of my childhood, so many good moments there, thanks for sharing I have greatly enjoyed..

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  3. Yeah I love the picture with the kids too. So cute. And I adore her sunnies.

  4. Wow your neighborhood looks super cool.

  5. your hood looks like a pretty fun place to be :)


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