pumpkin salad x pumpkin dress : paperwork


Autumn is here.
It's time for dinner with friends, green tea and Korean cookies.
Pumpkin time. Apple pies. More sleep. Making plans. Wearing tights, socks and hats.
It's the time where the cold air makes my morning coffee taste like a soya-milk-froth-cloud-heaven again.

We had our friends Sadie, Susan, Chad and Halina over for a big Autumn dinner on Saturday.
Susan brought the cutest little sweets from a Korean supermarket.
Sunday was lazy time, staying in bed extra long and browsing around at vintage shops and markets.
Sadly I forgot to charge the battery of our camera = no photos of the weekend. Bummer.

In the evening we got all productive. Finally we sat down and started planning our big move to Australia.
One more year in London and loads of paperwork to do for my Visa.

I already made my decision: I will be happy where-ever or when-ever we'll go.

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  1. you're moving to Australia?! What an exciting life you live! and i love love love that outfit below.


  2. how exciting. so maybe we'll meet down under one day. in berlin it is all about similar plans these days; going to ny for a year and then maybe back to nz or australia! no wonder I am spellbound by your blog.

  3. @Linday R : Thanks lady!
    @Annton Beate Schmidt: Ha , another Lady that is restless, huh?
    It's a great experience to live in different countries.
    Can't wait to be over and done with the all the paperwork though.
    I am really excited.

  4. First: Wow. You don't know how nice it is to see that you are still able to motivate me and to give me the energy I need. Thank you.
    Second: Your hair looks great! Super feminin and beautiful. You definetely don't need to be scared about getting older. The more older you get the more beautiful you are.
    Third: You're birthmark is no coincidence! haha.

  5. most definitely, quite restless. once you've started, the love your for all these places just grows!

  6. what? your moving to australia? so jealous! i've always wanted to live there, it just seems so perfect and relaxed! as usual, lovin' all of these images!!
    xo TJ

  7. yummy - that photo of your korean cookies just made me crave them so bad! lucky i remembered i have a huge container of hello panda biscuits to satisfy me haha

    ps. you're moving to australia! such a huge move, but i'm sure you'll LOVE it. maybe i'm biassed cos i AM australian, but i kinda love it here ;) x

  8. @ Rachel: Ah! Thanks Lady, so good to hear. I am looking forward to it. A big change for sure, but I decided already that I will love it.


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