= Dog Week in Dalston With Boston Terrrier Chad


Chad was living with us for the last week.
On our last dogsitting day we were taking him out to our favorite neighbourhood coffee bar CAFE OTO.
He is the most chilled and easygoing dog I have ever seen.
While we were both really busy working on our own designs, he was just hanging out.
I had tough days this week and was struggeling for motivation,
but Dave and a few great comments got me back on track, working on my now London based avant-garde weddingdresses.
Now we were really considering getting a Boston Terrier, especially because Dave loved how chilled he was.
I am still voting for a high maintainance Chihuahua, mainly because in a crowded city like London, its easier to bring it everywhere we go.

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  1. what a handsome dog! love the first photo.

  2. AAAhhhh! This dog is cute, even though I don't like his name :P and the pics are great!!!
    But Liv, think twice or 100 times before getting another dog!!!!
    What about Leni, is she mom now?

  3. @Mareike: Leni loves the country ! And i miss her so much.
    She is friends with all the dogs and animal farms and constantly running around outside. My mum is not giving her back to the city.
    And you know her, she never really was a city dog, sigh : (
    And the breed has never been my decsion as unsportiest , city loving designer girl...
    Sadly she lost the babys through an ovario inflammatory but she is fine. And healthy.
    We are planning to get a dog by spring/summer next year and only well planned and one thats build for apartment living and little excercise. We are doing our homework in research.
    So maybe a pug, chihuahua or something.
    And maybe we will even wait another year!


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