a summer in lightspeed + a royal wedding memory


This year has gone in light speed.
It feels like the royal wedding has only been yesterday.
We had an early summer here and the best time on a local street party for the Royal Wedding on Wilton Way.
I never got round to post the stunning photos of that day. It was a very special atmosphere.
Everyone was dressed so beautifully and was celebrating the extra holiday that we got here in Britain.
Love was in the air.

Then summer stopped for almost all July and August to surprise us back in September.
And now it's already Christmas time. I am packing a little Christmas box over to my family in Germany.
And my Mum sent homemade beeswax candles and an advent-calendar.
I could go to that wedding party again. Thank you Dave for taking the best photos.

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  1. Looks like a great party!

    X Mandy


  2. now that looks like a good time :) perfect photos again !!

  3. Time does seem to be flying by :( But I love your pics! It looks like you guys had so much! Next royal wedding I vote the states get's the day off too!!

  4. Wow! What a atmosphere, what a harmony!
    Looks like the best street party ever.
    And great pictures, dave :)
    What camera do you use?

  5. @Van Anh: We are still using my good old Canon350D.

  6. love all pictures, is so original! just love it


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