Christmas Cookies and Chai for dinner x instant Christmas mood


Today a magic little box arrived in the post. This box made my day, my dinner and put me into an instant Christmas mood. A Christmas Goodie Box from home.
Mum sent 2 advent-calendars (one for Liv, one for Dave), chocolates, espresso, yogi teas, a huge jar of homemade jam, homemade beeswax candles, and homemade Christmas cookies.
Now these cookies are very special. It's a recipe from my grand-grand-mother "Oma Frieda" who was the coolest Lady on the planet. So these cookies are the best in the whole world. And the smell and taste will always remind me of her.
It's so cold here in London, and Dave is in Hong Kong for three days.
Cooking for 1 person is boring and I am super busy with make up artist work.
So I had Christmas cookies and chai for dinner. The perfect winter treat.
Thanks Mum for making my day and my dinner even though we are living in different countries.

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  1. Awww mom's are the best!! Cheers to Christmas!

  2. ohh i love getting happy parcels in the mail :) it definitely does make your day x

  3. beautiful pics of childhood memories. you even choose the right colorscheme. thanks for your nice words; mothers obviously come in different shapes. a hug back to london!

  4. oh gosh, all this christmas goodness is too much to pass up on! adore this holiday more than anything!!!
    xo TJ

  5. you have the sweetest mum! that reminds me, i need to get an advent calendar!

  6. nothing like a care package from home xoxo

  7. love the pictures on the wall look original!


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