A very nice Sunday Yoga Date


A perfect Sunday in Winter goes like this:
Sleeping in, wrapping up in scarfs, gloves, hats,coats and boots, going for a muffin and coffee, exploring and walking around, taking photographs, grabbing a fresh food from a market, doing yoga, going for a pizza!
Last Sunday we went to Camden, David has never been to the crazy Camden Markets before.
It's certainly not my most favorite part of London but sometimes it can be fun to watch the colourful and weird crowds over there. I wish we took some more pictures of our day...
We grabbed some great food and coffees before we went for a great Kundalini Yoga session, which was Daves first ever Yoga class. I am glad he joined and can't wait to go again.
What does your perfect winter Sunday look like?

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day. How fun that he gave yoga a try!

  2. sounds heavenly. where i am from we mostly snuggle at home as the temps are freakishly cold!

  3. this sounds so perfect. and i think i would just DIE if i ever saw mr. taylor at a yoga class. in a good way. he is about THE most inflexible person ever, ha
    xo TJ

  4. this does look like a perfect Sunday!
    Haha I can't imagine The Mister doing yoga either- which is a shame! So good for body and soul

  5. @emmie gemmie @Mr.Taylor and his Lady @Amy :

    Dave is not flexible (yet!) either, but you can still do it, even as beginner.
    Kundalini Yoga is very popular with men, usually the classes are half men, half women. Or at least 30% men.

  6. I did a study abroad in London and FELL IN LOVE with the city. Although I was only there for a short time, it still has my heart. I loved Camden. So unique.

  7. I am not flexible at all! I can't sit crossed legged which unfortunantly you have to do a lot in yoga. The good thing is this doesn't matter. Everyone is a different levels and its more about just pushing as far as you can go.


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