In Berlin Part 1


It was so very good to visit my wonderful friends in Berlin and great for David to meet all of them.
And so much has happened and changed since I moved away.
There is a brand new little baby boy "Friedrich" and loads of new cafes and shops.
My friends home made dinners though are still as good as always.
I really miss the the amazing Mauerpark flea market on Sundays.
In the cold weather it was impossible to walk long distances.
Every few meters we stopped for another coffee, tea, hot chocolate or mulled wine.
And we spent a lot of the time in all the outstanding little Cafes & Restaurants like Chi Sing, Wohnzimmer Bar, Cafe Sloerm....
Berlin is such a great place and next time I have to show David around in Summer.
In London right now it feels strongly like Spring is on it's way.

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  1. you truly choose the most freezing time of this winter, but your pics perfectly show how beautiful it was at the same time. hopefully next time, we will manage to have this cup of coffee. lots of love from a very rainy berlin today.

  2. i so love berlin, i will also move back there. but hey you live in london :)) thats also a very great place. i will visit london next week :)
    wish you a nice day, svenja

  3. Lovely photos, Berlin look beautiful, thank you for your sweet message on my blog. Have a lovely day!.

  4. oh gosh, the hubs and i are DYING to go to germany. this all looks so beautiful. the people, the food, the buildings. beautiful!
    xo TJ

  5. this post is absolutely giving me the travel bug. the mister and i are just dying to visit places together . . . i love married travel adventures!

  6. what a great apartment kinga has!!
    really it looks like full of individual items which match perfectly together.
    Anyway it was really nice to see you after 2 years again and I hope david saw a lot of berlin although the weather wasn't at its best.


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