In Berlin part 2


It feels already so far away that little holiday of ours.
It was such a nice break. Berlin is so much slower and more laid-back than London.
Berlin is a great space for Inspiration and having lived there for many years it was fun to come and visit like a tourist.
Back to London it's typical madness caught us and we are somehow just running around.
The Visa Application is almost done and the excitement about the big move grows.

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  1. all familiar places shot so beautifully. my fingers are double crossed for the visa stuff, i cannot wait to start for myself. melbourne or auckland it is.

  2. I would have to say Melbourne! Especially for an artist, as there are some great things happening over there. It is a very creative city.

    What about Sydney?

  3. I would love to travel to berlin

  4. thank you David for your thoughts. actually, Melbourne does look very tempting. one can feel the artistic side of it in pictures already. and for Thomas, as a chef, it looks like a million opportunities too. therefor it is definitely top of the list.

  5. @ Annton Beate Schmidt:
    I really liked Melbourne, it had a great vibe.

    @ Jenny K: Do it! Berlin is such a special place.

  6. i also love those pictures.. i am so in love with this city :))
    was the second picture at kauf dich glücklich??
    have a nice day, svenja

  7. @Svenja: Yes the 2nd picture is at kauf dich gluecklich! you know berlin well, huh? x


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