Diamond Jubilee and British Weather


The last weeks have been bright and sunny and purely amazing but just in time for the long weekend and the Queens Diamond Jubilee Parties, the temperature has dropped and it has been wet, very very wet. Boooooooo. Why oh why, dear June?
We have tried our best to keep up and attended the local street party anyway and it was fun.
Everyone put such an effort into costumes, cupcakes, and decorations, even the dogs were wearing flags.
It was very similar to last years royal wedding party on Wilton Way.
See our post from last year and here and a great video here, to get an idea.
When we got too soaked and too cold, we went for fantastic giant Pizzas at
Bella Vita
a warm and cozy restaurant on Broadway Market.
And after snuggled up to watch a movie, with loads of blankets at home.

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  1. Looks like such fun, shame about the rain though. Love the themed food!

  2. these pictures are amazing! Thanks for the comment on my blog xx

  3. Looks like an incredible weekend - such a historic event! Your photographs have documented it perfectly (I especially love the cupcakes). If only the weather could have held it together for you, like ours, where we had a warm sunny long weekend in winter! :D

  4. yep, need to move to london so i can celebrate with all of you guys!!!
    this looks like so much fun!
    xo TJ

  5. I so want to find a great vintage flag! Looks like you guys had fun. That video is brilliant. Totally captured the celebrations this year.

  6. i'm in love with your blog, new follower :) and it's been the same here in chicago too. every day i ignore the weatherman and slide into flip flops and march out in a summer dress, only to be greated with cloudy skies and cold winds. i don't care, i'm going to FORCE summer to come haha

  7. Aww that looks like so much fun! I really wanted to find a street party near me (I live in Sheffield), but ended up going to the pub instead. Still had a good double bank holiday though :)

  8. how fun! i would have loved to been a part of that!

  9. Thanks Ladies, for all your lovely comments!
    @ Kiara Michelle King:
    Yeah the weather in winter in Australia is better than the summer weather in London, hahaha.

    @Marlena: Good on you!

    @Lois: I hear you we had to hide from the rain as well!

    @His Little Lady: Yes, come over! We will show you around ; )

  10. Dave looks so very happy in that first picture. I'm loving it!!


Thank you for your comment! You are a star!