A week of Summer


A week of BBQ's, swimming in the London Fields Lido , going for runs on warm summer nights, picnics with Vietnamese take-away in the park, laying in the sun, spending each and every lunch break outside, getting a little bit of a tan...
One week full of happiness and wearing dresses and Sandals.
One week of eating Ice Cream, Frozen Yoghurts and Salads.
Of dancing bare-feet around the house. One week of not taking enough pictures to capture all the amazingness.
Dear Sun, please come back out to play very very soon!

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  1. the sun suits you guys perfectly. you are even more glowing and smiling and probably dancing... those pictures make me want more summer too, including dots. have a great weekend!

  2. @Annton Beate Schmidt: Ahh! Thank you. We are definitely summer people! I am getting very excited about moving to Sydney. We will follow summer this year and will skip winter entirely.
    So exciting!

  3. ah, your photos looked like they were dipped in a tint of happy.
    so nice to linger here for a moment and fantasize a bit with you guys for a bit.
    thanks for sharing.

  4. We've been enjoying our little bit of sun here too- trying to eat as many as meals on the porch as we can!

  5. Aw, this looks great. I love your skirt/dress. And every photo looks nostalgic and nice and fun. I would love for the sun to return again too!

  6. I've been really craving for a summer like this, but with all the bad weather and exams, I don't think it's happening soon! Great photos.


  7. Love these photos, you make London look like the best place to hang out during summer. :)

    X Mandy

  8. Perfection, my friend. Absolute perfection. Especially the ice cream and frozen yoghurt part.. YUM!

  9. Beautiful photos, look like a great time an love your shoes! xo

  10. @Mandy Koster:
    Ah well, so far we only had this one summery week, so I guess there are better options where to spent the summer...but we are making the most of what we have got ; )

    @Lena: You can't go wrong with ice cream!

    @Mariela: Thanks,they are super comfy too.

    @ALL: Thanks everyone for all the lovely comments, we are happy to have you around!

  11. great photos! i really like your blog!


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