Aroma Festival & Rooftop Coffee


Every City needs a coffee festival! That's where we spend our Sunday.
Starting the day with a ferry ride to get to a breakfast spot, just made for the best little day off.
This city is just so pretty! We had the most amazing views from the water, and although I have seen it now for a while, I am still stunned every single time I see the opera house and the bridge, the skyline by the water...this city looks good from every angle!

The actual Aroma Festival was so crowded with looooong queues in front of ever single coffee stall,
so we actually went to the nearby cafe on top of the museum which has a bit a view and saw the whole thing from above.
It is really smart that this coffee festival takes place in Winter as my body really couldn't cope well with coffee in the Summer time here. So I enjoy it while I can. The smell of all the fresh roasted coffee and spices was amazing.
It was so good to catch up with The Gentlemen and get some great ideas together.
A little bit of good coffee, amazing food and strolling around and I feel fully recharged.
I am currently revamping my good old professional blog, which I started as when I still worked as fashion designer, years ago. I got quite some plans for it and will keep you in the loop of what is happening! I am so excited, I am actually bubbling around with excitement like a child before Christmas.

What have you been up to?

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  1. coffee festival!!!!??? sing me in please! how cool!

    lovely photos, you look happy!

    1. I know it's such a great idea~ really every city should do one!

  2. i wish i'd heard about this beforehand but i totally missed the boat. oh well x

    1. Oh No! But you are in resting mode anyway, no coffee for you and Clementine, it's fattening up time for her...would have been way too much action! Let's go together next time! x

  3. I wish here there were events like this one... I love coffee!!! have a nice one!

  4. I can't handle the crowds at the Aroma Festival - I'm not good with too many people!


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