Balance & Mountains


We spent a day in the mountains!
The weather was beautifully crisp but not too cold for us Summer lovers.
While I was loving the air, the views the fantastic food and cute little shops, I couldn't help but realize that I look a little tired, even though I was smiling & happy.

My face is telling me I need a holiday.
I think we were a little zombied out. Loving our jobs so much makes it harder to take time off, but I realized lately that health always has to come first.
Thank you face for showing me when it's time to rest so made room for daily yoga before work in the mornings. Relaxing has become that foreign concept...

No matter in which direction you drive out of Sydney it seems it you will always end up in the most beautiful nature. I have been up and down the coast by now and further inland at the Blue Mountains it just as amazing as by the beaches.
Although I have seen pictures of this area before it's very different to actually see it with your own eyes. They aren't really Mountains, like the Alps, but they are sure incredibly beautiful.
There is a blue mist surrounding them from the eucalyptus trees and it smells very fresh and sweet.
I felt like going hiking and exploring straight away, but we were saving that for our next trip when we will bring a little more time along. I can't wait!
I am still feeling like a tourist, after living here for half a year now.
But instead of traveling & holidaying I just still feel so driven to make things happen.
I am so grateful for every opportunity, to meet new people, to collaborate & to be a better artist every day. Some new ideas were nourished by the yummy blueberry pancakes for breakfast and all the other treats. Australia sure knows how to make food!

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  1. absolutely love these pictures! you guys look great.

  2. maybe you see that tiredness, I don't, from the distance. but taking in account at what speed and intensity things were happening for you guys, I can imagine your longing for a holiday. yoga is a good starter. take care. oh, and yellow makes you glow! xx

  3. Breathtaking views! Stunning photos!

  4. How beautiful! Definitely do remember to unwind and relax! I'm glad you are having a ball in your new home!

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