A big surprise


Sunday was the best day of my life! Because it was the day Dave asked me to marry him!

He surprised me down at our favourite beach in Jervis Bay.
Remember we saw the first sunrise of the year there together?

We took a day trip to the beach at breakfast & coffees in the car and lunch at the cute little beach cafe
at Hyams Beach.

When I was just leaning back enjoying the first warm Spring sun rays by the beach he completely surprised me. We have both talked about getting married but I did not expect it on the day.

Hidden within a sunglasses case, Dave through the ring box a few meters away from our towels, while playing with Dalston. He then asked me to see what our little pup found in the sand.
I assumed someone has left their sunnies behind at the beach, and took the case of Dalston to check.
Completely confused I found a ring box in the case... well and when I opened it he popped the question.

And he did super well with the ring too. Totally my style: A yellow gold vintage ring
with a diamond and 2 sapphire side stones.

We took a beautiful drive back through the Kangaroo Valley, and spontaneously stopped over at Dave's family home to tell his parents the good news.

We really wanted to take a picture together with the timer, but after the proposal we were just so happy and caught up in the moment that we actually forgot.

I hope you enjoy our happy snaps from the day.
And we will post some of us together real soon. For now we are all smiles and butterflies.

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  1. Did I miss this on Instagram (I'm not on that often anyway)?! Many congratulations to you and Dave! I remember meeting you way back when I first started as a bridal blogger and it is great to witness your career and personal evolution! I know you'll have such a fun wedding!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. wow! congrats! this is so exciting ;) the ring is gorgeous!

  3. Hello Liv, Congratulations! This is the first time I have commented on your blog but after meeting you today at About Life I felt I should. It was lovely meeting you and Dave and I wish you lots of happiness. I also look forward to coming along to one of your workshops in the future. I look forward to reading your blog even more now!

    1. Hi Lorraine,
      thank you so much for saying hi!
      So lovely that we bumped into each other and thank you again for the lovely comment too.
      Stay tuned for further workshops. We in the process of moving and it's busy season for me right now, so apologies for the sporadic updates over here. x


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