We are still here....


O M G... it's been way too long.
It's Winter over here in Sydney. It's suppose to be my off season at work...
And I think this little blog truly shows our life and therefore as well how both of us have been caught up in work way too much over the last six months.
We had hardly any time off together and this beloved little space ours in the internet has been neglected.
We yet have to share our Bali trip photos and what we have been up to in the meantime.
We just returned from a 3 week Scandinavia trip and visiting my family in Germany.
It was really inspiring seeing so many great things from design, to street style and family life.
These Scandinavians really have it worked out with their family policies and we saw one too many hip young Dads on paternity leave riding his bicycle with his gorgeous bub in tow.
It was a sweet reminder that there are other things in life besides work.
That time was much needed and recharged we promised ourselves to share all the great pics we took while traveling and to return to our blog.
We also really want to somehow manage to explore more together again and actually spend time together even with our work schedule.
We have been doing well getting back into exercise and meditation and are also really deep into our own wedding planning.
I love my job and yet I feel I have not spend enough time with my little family and the love of my life lately. Maybe it's time to say no every then and when and yes to our own life. I have really missed my amazing man and I want us to discover new ways to spend more time together and allowing our work to be more flexible.

It's so great to back home, we have truly missed our little Dalston! Glad that flea season is over too.
In summer we protect him with Frontline and similar as there are plenty of fleas and ticks around, unfortunately. For now in Winter he can run through the bushes more safely.

For now I wanted to share some more gorgeous pics from the great Julianna aka Two Guineapigs.
I hope you enjoy and forgive us for being such lame workaholics for the last few months.
Thank you all, for reading and being on the journey with us!

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  1. Can't wait to catch up on Thursday xox

  2. Glad to see you back! Maybe I will bump into you at About Life again! :)

    1. Thank you! Yes, we going there all the time. LOVE About Life.
      And thanks for saying HI!

    2. Hi Lorraine! Hope you are well! We are not sure if you are still following along, but if you are: THANK YOU! It's so lovely to have all our readers here and we are back for good. We are about to move the blog to a pretty new site and hope you will enjoy following our journey! All the best, Liv

  3. Welcome back!! It's great that you got to take trips and get some regular exercise even with very busy schedule. We're not that good on those. Balancing work and life (and blog!) isn't as easy as it seems. Looking forward to more updates from you :-)


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